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When I first started taking CBD, I didn’t notice anything different. I didn’t feel that I had any drastic problems that I needed help with, I was just going to take it for general well-being and wanted to see what all the hype was about.


After taking it for a couple of weeks I realized I wasn’t having as many of the unwanted and negative thoughts that are part of my daily life and that I wasn’t obsessing over the usual 100 or more only-important-to-me things a day that drove my brain in circles all the time.


I wasn’t even thinking about these things when I ordered the CBD. The thoughts and obsessions have been part of my daily life for so long that I didn’t even consider them an issue, just part of who I am. I had taken medication off and on for several years for them but I had stopped those meds years ago because they made me feel like a robot. The CBD is a much better solution than those meds were! I’m in a much better mood daily and my brain isn’t exhausted.


CBD has also made a big difference in the life of my Toy Australian Shepherd, Chance. He came to us at a year old with extreme nervous and over-excitement issues. The CBD keeps him much calmer, not nearly as freaked out when we have company and seems to give him some much-needed peace of mind and self esteem.

I am so happy to have found a natural way to make such a positive difference in our lives and to be able to share it with others so they can feel better, too! 

- Carol Terhune

Hemp 66 Owner


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